Jenn + Mike’s York Wedding

Jenn and Mike got married on the most perfect day in August.
The beautiful ceremony took place in Hampton with the reception following at
the amazing York Golf and Tennis Club
(which is pretty much the most adorable venue ever)
Some of my favorite parts of the day were all the pops of pink,
Jenn’s sweet relationship with her two sisters,
those vintage postcards ~ um, *swoon*,
& truthfully, just the love between Jenn and Mike that is so evident and beautiful.
This was a seriously gorgeous day and makes me really excited for those summer months fast approaching!

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Rebecca + Jason’s Camden Wedding

Jason and Rebecca got married in the adorably small town of Camden, Maine.
I was in love with the whole day and with every detail:
Rebecca’s lace dress with a hundred buttons down the back,
The VW beetle from the 30’s,
The amazing ceremony venue and inn where the reception was held,
and I mean, that sprinkle-throwing getaway and candy bar 😉
This was seriously the perfect summer wedding day for two very amazing people.
I was beyond honored to help tell this part of their story <3

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Jason + Rebecca ~ Downtown Portsmouth Engagement

I knew I loved Rebecca and Jason the very first time we hung out.
We met in downtown Portsmouth for a casual, summery engagement session
and these two could not have been more amazing or easy to work with.
Little did I know, Rebecca would soon become a dear friend of mine
and it’s seriously hard to believe this is where it all started for us
(and a special shoutout to our friend Jenny for connecting us in the first place!) 😉
This session holds a very special place in my heart because of how special these guys are.
I can’t wait to blog their amazing wedding (featuring a pretty incredible antique Volkswagon).
AND they now have a pretty cute little boy that I’m awfully fond of <3
Lots more to blog – get ready!

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Jon + Ashlee ~ Rye Engagement

I LOVE these two!
They are so sweet, genuine, and adorable.
Ashlee and Jon have been in love over a decade – their love is strong and evident and inspiring.
They are those genuinely cool people that you instantly feel comfortable around.
Ashlee has the best style ever and always looks like she walked off the set of the latest Anthropologie mag shoot – seriously!
Are you in love yet?
To top it all off, we had their engagement session at her Grandfather’s breathtaking waterfront property in Rye.
(Just wait until you see the getting ready shots at the same location from the wedding day!)
If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here swooning (again! Almost two years later!)
Enjoy this session and get ready for their beautiful fall wedding <3    Untitled-5   Untitled-6


Jenn + Anthony ~ Cape Cod Elopement

Jenn and Anthony’s Cape Cod elopement was seriously what dreams are made of.
Just the two of them, focusing on the greatest gift of life: love.
I was seriously honored to witness such an intimate and beautiful occasion.
Every detail was pure perfection and Jenn and Anthony were just as I imagined they would be: calm, lovely, sweet, adorable, and of course – all smiles.
This wedding will forever be etched in my mind and heart <3

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