Julia + Laura ~ Engaged

This is seriously one of my favorite engagement sessions of ALL. TIME.
Laura and Julia were a dream to work with and just wait until you see their precious pup, Tilly!
This adorable session was just a tiny preview of what their magical wedding was like so stay tuned – that’s going to be blogged very soon!

J + L-23
J + L-29
J + L-79 J + L-125 J + L-136 J + L-150
J + L-161 J + L-178 J + L-242J + L-232 J + L-244
Untitled-4J + L-284 J + L-288Untitled-6 J + L-301
J + L-308J + L-330 J + L-344 Untitled-5
J + L-368