Dan + Caroline ~ Welcome to the world, Lyla + Caleb! {NH Newborn Photographer}

Dan and Caroline are seriously two of my favorite people (although now closely tied with Caleb and Lyla) ;]
They are just so sweet, hilarious, genuine, and obviously good looking.
What more could you ask for from dear friends?!
I knew these two amazing people were bound to create some pretty-darn-amazing children.
And not to brag, but I was totally right.
These two babies are the best… sweet and snuggly and just way too adorable.
My favorite thing is how these two are literally best friends…
For instance, they hold hands on the reg (among other mind blowing adorableness)
(I mean, are you kidding me?!!?!)
I seriously had some major baby fever after this shoot ;]
I am so thankful for this sweet family and what they’ve meant to us in the time that we’ve known them.
They are a family of kindred spirits and I am so excited for the years of photographs ahead
and watching these two beautiful little people grow in to the awesome people they are going to be
(and already are!)
How lucky am I that this is my job.
So thankful.
I’m also going to include a recent photo of this precious family at the end of this post so that
A. you can see how terribly awful I am about blogging within a reasonable amount of time and
B. so you can see how (somehow) these guys just get cuter and cuter every day!
It’s a scientific phenomena, I’m telling you ;]
Love all four of you to the moon and back!

C + L Newborn 10


C + L Newborn 59

C + L Newborn 90


C + L Newborn 69

C + L Newborn 65


C + L Newborn 119

C + L Newborn 115

C + L Newborn 81


C + L Newborn 147

C + L Newborn 150


C + L Newborn 167

C + L Newborn 166

C + L Newborn 183

C + L Newborn 193

C + L Newborn 201


C + L Newborn 197


And here’s the adorable fam as of lately:
(infinite x’s and o’s!)