Laura + Purujit ~

Laura and Purujit live in New York. They hired me to shoot their June 2013 wedding before we ever met, but I knew even then that I was lucky to be working with these two.
Laura described to me the style she was looking for, the feel for their wedding day, the location, everything.
She described friends and family and lots of laughter and love.
She described northern New Hampshire, a secluded spot with an amazing group of friends and family who will be joining in the celebration of these two and the greatest gift in the entire world: love. These two have found it, and every word describing their beautiful life and story and plans for this celebration, were just filled with love. I was beyond excited that Laura had contacted me.

Laura and Purujit actually already had a wedding celebration this past December – in Bangladesh! How amazing is that?? Laura showed me some of her wedding photos and they were absolutely stunning. As you’ll soon see, these two are pretty ridiculously photogenic. I love that they are having multiple celebrations so that they can share this amazingly joyous occasion with as many friends and family as possible. I love being married… marriage is such an awesome thing – shouldn’t it be celebrated as many times throughout our entire lives as possible?

Laura has the sweetest laugh in the whole world and Purujit looks at her as though he’s never seen anyone more beautiful (I mean, look at her – I’m not sure I have either!). They are so in love and it is so undeniable. I wasn’t feeling too well the day of our shoot, but watching these two left me with a perma-smile on my face for the entire shoot. They are just too perfect.

We met up at Odiorne State Park (in Rye) for this shoot, and it was one of the best locations ever. The last time I shot there was in the spring, and it felt like a totally different place. I love when that happens. Also, I love that these two prefer their beverages out of adorable anthro mugs, and that quilt? Laura said she’s had it since she was little. I know, it pretty much can’t get any cuter. This is it, people ;]

I want to add, I normally choose a more equal ratio of color to black and white photos for the blog… but for this shoot, I was so in love with the colors! Laura’s sari and Purujit’s punjabi were a photographer’s dream! I absolutely adore the colors against the winter backdrop. Thank you to both of you, you guys made this shoot so personal and so fun and I can’t wait for your big day in only a few short months! xoxo.

These images are some of my favorites.


L + P Engagement 18

L + P Engagement 5

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L + P Engagement 38

L + P Engagement 41


L + P Engagement 54

L + P Engagement 43

L + P Engagement 57

L + P Engagement 64


L + P Engagement 70


L + P Engagement 93

L + P Engagement 101

L + P Engagement 105

L + P Engagement 111




L + P Engagement 170


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L + P Engagement 192


L + P Engagement 211

L + P Engagement 200


  • Libby

    This are stunning! I am pretty obsessed with the ones where their heads are touching… and the ones where they’re wrapped in the blanket… and the ring shots.. okay, okay, I just love them all. Aaaaamazing.