The Cotter Family

This is my second time photographing the lovely Cotter family, and I must say, these kids just somehow keep getting cuter and cuter.
Will and Charlie have the best little boy smiles and the most amazing eyes you’ll ever see. They are so full of energy and excitement and wonder and amazement. As we walked around and looked for places to shoot, I loved watching these brothers as they turned our entire time together in to a lovely adventure.

And then there’s Sara and Dan. Sara is one of those people with one of those smiles. You know the type, right? She always looks beautiful and joyful and the happiness on her face always makes me smile. She is such an amazing mother. You can tell by watching her with her boys for five minutes. She and Dan are doing such a great job as parents… and the two of them together are just so sweet. There is obvious love in this family, and I felt so honored documenting it.

This family is so typical in so many ways…. beautiful kids that are growing so fast you almost can’t see it…. and then you catch a glimpse. A glimpse of the summer days to come and another year down. These days just fly by and are gone so fast. I love mom’s like Sara who make sure to make time for the important act of documenting her life as it is right now. This second.¬†Whole and beautiful and barely resting long enough for her to take it all in.

No worries. That’s what I’m here for: