Martin + Angela

Martin and Angela are the sweet couple that won my free photoshoot giveaway a few months ago.
Martin sent in the sweetest email about how proud he is of Angela… the whole thing made me tear up because their love is so evident and beautiful!

In Martin’s words:

“Have you ever thought to yourself, man I wish I had asked her out?  That was me roughly 14 years ago.  I thought I had missed my chance, all because I listened those around me.  We’ve all heard horror stories of mothers/fathers who come across as the parent who will lop off a limb of the person who tries to date their daughter.  Yeah, I was under the impression that the girl I found cute & attractive had a father who was gonna lop off a limb, So I left well enough alone.

Angela had been that girl I found to be unattainable and pretty well outta my league.  I was the stereotypical “Nerd”: I played video games, into computers and played, yep you got it – Magic the Gathering.  She was the quiet, shy socialite who was in band.  Yet, no matter where I was in school she seemed to be around me.  Yet I never tried to ask her out.

One night while I was working, I was asked if I would accompany one of my adopted sisters 2 friends to their Jr. Prom.  Just graduating from high school what guy would say no aye?  With a bit of hesitation though I asked her who, and was told oh … Angela.  Most guys don’t get a second chance, this was mine.  That was 10 years of dating and 3 years of marriage to that same beautiful lady.  Today she is my best friend, devil’s advocate & most stubborn person I know and I’m happy to call her mine!  13 Years together and I still cannot believe the chance I was gifted so long ago.  God has truly blessed our lives with many great family members and friends, one of which is on the other side of this camera.”


And now some exciting news for everyone! I am offering ANOTHER free photoshoot at the end of this month! So for the next two weeks here’s what you do:

1. Like Rachel Halsey Photography on Facebook.

2. Share it with your friends and/or on your page.

3. Leave a comment here letting me know that you did this, and if you want to include why you’d love a shoot then that’s fine, too! I love reading your stories :]

& that’s it – you’re entered! Good luck to everyone!

  • Lisa Harvey

    Hi Rachel!

    I shared your page again on Facebook and would love to have a shoot with you. I already purchased a gift certificate for my mother for a shoot that we’re planning on booking later in the summer but I would love to have a free one as well for future occasions! I am continuously amazed at your work and fall in love with each new picture. Keep going! <3

  • Theresa

    Hey Rachel!

    First of all, your pictures are gorgeous…You have done weddings for a couple of friends of mine, and have admired your work ever since then 🙂

    I would love to enter the contest, but not for myself. My friends Craig and Angela have the most adorable twins, Cohen and Elena. They are 9 months old 🙂 Angela has been talking ever since they were born about getting professional pictures taken of them, but the time and money just haven’t been available yet. I just love them to pieces and I know that they would be so blessed by having the opportunity to do a family shoot. Thanks so much for considering them!

    ~Theresa T.

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  • Hey! I liked and shared your FB page, as well. I would LOVE to win a free shoot. I’m a single mother of two and a full-time student in nursing school. I never have the money for portraits of me and the kids, so winning a shoot would be really great. 😀 Your photos are AMAZING! (I found you through, BTW)

  • Amanda Sherman

    I have done everything required to enter, but I would like you to know why I’d like this photo shoot. My boyfriend Greg and I have been together for 3 years, and we have been close friends for 7 years. Most of our relationship, however, has been long distance. I’m from Central Ohio and Greg is from New England. For the first year of our relationship, and for all of our friendship, we have lived at least 600 miles apart. After that trying time, I transferred schools and moved to the same town as him. However, every break would be more time spent apart. It hasn’t been easy, especially for me since I was dealing with an abusive father and finally my parents’ dramatic divorce, but Greg has always been my rock to stand on even from 600 miles away. If it weren’t for his enthusiasm, optimism, and constant brightness, I don’t know where I would be now. He helped mold me into the person I am today — a fighter who has made it through hell and back.

    Greg graduated from college in May, and I’m due to graduate in December. After graduation, Greg and I will be moving in together in Massachusetts. This will be a new exciting step in our relationship. We will finally live together without having to be separated for weeks or months at a time. I would love to document this new level by doing a special photo shoot, but I would never be able to pay for it due to having to pay for tuition. It would be great to be able to surprise him with something so beautiful.

    Thank you for considering me!

  • Kristen

    I liked and shared your FB page. I would really love to have a free photo shoot. My ex got the camera and with singlemomdom being what it is, we missed a lot of photo ops since Dec 2009. I would really like to capture the love and fun we have with our new family structure of me, my gf and our 3 year old.