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Tips for better getting ready wedding photos ~

I came across this advice online and knew I needed to share it with my brides:

The cutest getting ready wedding pictures don’t just create themselves! Oftentimes, there’s been a lot of forethought and planning that go into every single detail, including those adorable Mr. and Mrs. hangers, and the actual space itself. While spontaneity is key to capturing the raw emotions of the day, here are seven things you can do before your photographer arrives to ensure he or she gets the best shot.

1. Pick a location that is spacious, full of light and reflects your aesthetic.

Don’t let your pre-wedding space be a mere afterthought — you’ll be spending a significant portion of your day getting primped and pampered there. The getting ready area should be a special place with plenty of space that makes everyone feel cozy and relaxed. It should also compliment your vision for the day. For example, if you’re having an elegant ballroom wedding, perhaps a suite at an upscale historic hotel would be a nice fit. If possible, try to book a corner room – when light is coming in from more than one direction it envelopes you, creating a soft light that makes everyone look fabulous. If you aren’t able to be choosey, trust your photographer’s direction. He or she may bring your details out to another area of the venue to capture them in the best light.

2. Remember: Less is more.

Photographers swear by the motto that less is always more. Keep the numbers down, as far as people in the prep suite go. And clean up all that clutter! A little background music and some champagne are a must, as is a sense of humor to disarm any tension in the room.

3. Keep the room clean.

I.e. don’t trash it! As wedding photographers, we often arrive ready to shoot preparation photos and end up spending lots of valuable time cleaning up before we can even get started. Throw away trash, hang extra clothes in closets and hide suitcases under beds. If you keep things as organized as possible then we will have more time to work with you and the bridesmaids, capturing the photos you want.

4. Get all your details you’d like photographed together and in one spot.

When your photographer arrives they’re getting a lay of the land, figuring out where the good light is and being introduced to everyone. Save them some time and energy by having your details all together in one place, so they can create stunning detail shots without the stress of hunting down those details! Have a special hanger you’d love your dress photographed with? You might want to consider asking your bridesmaids to take your dress out of its bag, and place it on that hanger prior to your photographer’s arrival. It’s also a good idea to get them to steam out any last minute wrinkles.

5. Don’t forget the guys.

Speaking of grooms, while the prep photos of him and his guys aren’t nearly as involved, they’ll still need to follow a few basic rules. We always ask that the groomsmen be fully dressed, and for the groom to be dressed in his pants and unbuttoned shirt upon arrival. This allows us to take photos of the groom getting ready (buttoning his shirt, tying his tie, putting on his cufflinks, etc.) — then do some quick portraits of the groom alone and with his boys. Another quick tip: empty your pockets, gentlemen! Cell phones, keys and wallets make for bulging pockets that aren’t flattering in the least. Leave them in the room or have someone else carry them for you.

6. Share your creative vision with your photographer.

Have ideas for specific getting ready shots? Let your photographer know in advance. For instance, one of my brides asked for a photo of her pinning a boutonniere to her father’s jacket. If you don’t communicate your preferences with your wedding photographer, you may miss out on some special pictures in your wedding album.

7. Savor the moments.

The getting ready shots are just as much about the details as they are the candid moments. Relax, enjoy yourself, let us do our thing and try to pretend we aren’t there. Feel the emotions of the moment and trust that if we need something from you, we’ll ask.


Laura + Julia ~ Sunapee Wedding

This wedding was pure magic.
As soon as I got to Dexter’s Inn I knew I was in for a treat.
On top of already loving the heck out of Julia and Laura, they absolutely could not have picked a more lovely or quaint venue.
Gorgeous mountain views, fabulous wallpaper, and rain that held off until we had gotten most of our portraits done.
This day will always remain one of my favorites.
Julia is a super talented artist, and you can see some of her beautiful work in the reception photos.
The place cards, the menus, and even the adorable cake topper is all her!
Julia and Laura are both the kinds of people you want to be besties with.
They are so sweet, genuine, and full of life and love.
I may or may not have teared up a few times during this beautiful celebration of their love for one another.
The rain couldn’t stop this party – There were some seriously impressive dance moves happening well in to the night 😉
All my love to you, Laura and Julia!
Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this dreamy day!
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Jenn + Mike’s York Wedding

Jenn and Mike got married on the most perfect day in August.
The beautiful ceremony took place in Hampton with the reception following at
the amazing York Golf and Tennis Club
(which is pretty much the most adorable venue ever)
Some of my favorite parts of the day were all the pops of pink,
Jenn’s sweet relationship with her two sisters,
those vintage postcards ~ um, *swoon*,
& truthfully, just the love between Jenn and Mike that is so evident and beautiful.
This was a seriously gorgeous day and makes me really excited for those summer months fast approaching!

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Rebecca + Jason’s Camden Wedding

Jason and Rebecca got married in the adorably small town of Camden, Maine.
I was in love with the whole day and with every detail:
Rebecca’s lace dress with a hundred buttons down the back,
The VW beetle from the 30’s,
The amazing ceremony venue and inn where the reception was held,
and I mean, that sprinkle-throwing getaway and candy bar 😉
This was seriously the perfect summer wedding day for two very amazing people.
I was beyond honored to help tell this part of their story <3

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Jenn + Anthony ~ Cape Cod Elopement

Jenn and Anthony’s Cape Cod elopement was seriously what dreams are made of.
Just the two of them, focusing on the greatest gift of life: love.
I was seriously honored to witness such an intimate and beautiful occasion.
Every detail was pure perfection and Jenn and Anthony were just as I imagined they would be: calm, lovely, sweet, adorable, and of course – all smiles.
This wedding will forever be etched in my mind and heart <3

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