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Clara Grace – a video

Clara Grace… finally here!

Her due date was April 23rd. She decided that her birthday was April 19th.

Happy birthday, sweet baby!

Dearest Clara Grace,
You are just as beautiful as I knew you would be. You are the prettiest thing I have ever seen and I am so excited that you are a part of our family! Welcome to the world, little one. I know you are going to grow up to be a wonderful, kind-hearted, beautiful soul and I can’t wait to know everything about you… Can’t wait to see your sweet personality develop… I wonder what your favorite color will be, what color your eyes will turn, whether or not you’ll be a ballerina like your mom or a huge Bears fan like your dad (or both!). No matter what, always remember to be true to yourself. Always know that you are loved beyond your wildest imagination and no matter who you are, what you do, or where you go –  you will always have the love and support of a great big family. If you ever want to eat ice cream for dinner or go shopping for the best pair of shoes, you can call your Auntie Rachel. I will be here for you forever and ever. I love you down to my bones.
Auntie Rachel

Clara Grace’s Nursey…

I promised my sweet sister, Abbie, that I would document the new most important room in her house:

Clara Grace’s nursery.

Abbie put so much love and thought in to this one little room… and I must say, it couldn’t be more perfect.
All of the details came together perfectly and the only thing missing is a precious little baby to enjoy it.

A few things to note (because I know you’ll be wondering!):

Clara’s bedding is from Pottery Barn
Her big chalkboard is from Organic Bloom (monogram written by our beautiful mom)
No, those aren’t all of her shoes ;]
The wreath was made by Abbie’s sister-in-law, Rachel T.
The hot pink letters were lovingly painted by Abbie’s good friend, Heidi.
The button “C” by Abbie’s good friend, Caroline.
The prints on the wall were discovered on Etsy by our mom.
And yes – somehow the whole thing is even more adorable in person!



Abbie – 6 months!

My beautiful sister has now been pregnant for six whole months.
I can’t believe my new niece will be here this spring… hurry up, spring!!!

We took a few photos this afternoon to document… enjoy =]




2011 has not been my favorite year.
It’s been a year filled with hardships and frustrating days. Disappointment and a whole lot of tears.
But I’m choosing not to remember those days for now. I’m choosing to remember the happy days of 2011.
I had friends visit from thousands of miles away. I had the loving support of a husband whom I love dearly and a family that couldn’t be crazier or care more about each other.
I’m choosing to remember the blue skies and the nights I spent counting the stars.
The sunsets and the ocean waves crashing against the shore.
I’m remembering the late nights filled with belly laughs and Dunkin Donuts… friendships that were formed and secrets that were shared.
I’m remembering the books that I read and the lessons I learned (even the tough ones).
Most of all – I remember the love.
There was such an outpouring of love on my life in 2011. I couldn’t be more thankful or more blessed.

Even though I’m thankful for a lot of things in 2011, I’m even more thankful that I get a fresh start in 2012.
2012 will be a big year, I can feel it.
I want to love more and laugh more… I want to be a better friend and I want to smile at every stranger I see.
I want to blog more (sorry about 2011, my friends!)

I want to close with some images from one of my favorite days in 2011. It was a day after one of the hardest weeks I’ve ever been through. My mom came to my house and picked me up and we drove to the beach. We decided that the ocean was the best therapy and that – no matter what – hope is the answer.

It was a good day.