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My Best Friend’s Wedding

Where do I even begin?
This wedding was unlike any wedding I have ever been a part of for so many reasons.
So special and close to my heart. It was also my first time as both photographer and bridesmaid (I couldn’t have done it without my other half John and the amazing Sarah) 🙂
I met Aubrey in 2006 on the first day of an art class our freshman year of college. I was immediately drawn to her – her style, beauty, casual coolness, confidence, talent, and sense of humor made me realize someone had been missing from my life all of these years. Our best friendship happened so easily and quickly and I have a hard time remembering what my life was like before I knew her (probably the most boring and lonely, if I’m being honest). Her friendship is such a gift to me. She is half of my heart and I can’t even imagine going a day without talking to her. We have shared over eleven years of sleepovers where we stay up way too late talking, laughing until we cry, crying until we laugh, secrets, support, embarrassing stories, embarrassing boyfriends, big life events, and every little thing in between (maybe even a sister-like fight or two) 😉
I love her so much it honestly hurts. I am so unbelievably proud of her and the incredible person she is. I am honored to be her best friend. I truly do not feel worthy.
When I first met Rob, I was hesitant that he was really as amazing as Aubrey had told me he was (no offense Aubs, ily)…. But right away I knew she was right. Rob was the one. He was sweet and funny and smart and most importantly, he loved and cherished my best friend and treated her with respect and genuine kindness. He is so loving and encouraging to her. He is also so talented and hilarious and just such a light to be around. I can’t imagine any two people being more perfect together. You two compliment each other beautifully and it’s hard for me not to think you were made especially for the other. You are the most amazing couple and I can’t wait to see all the adventures life takes you on (hopefully one of them will be a house in the same neighborhood as me one day).
Aubrey and Rob’s wedding was an absolute dream day. They got married in the beautiful mountains of Vermont.
Aubrey wore a floral dress with her own custom watercolor design.
She painted the programs, the plate chargers, the tags, the banner, and everything else you see that’s so carefully and beautifully designed. She hollowed out an antique book and filled it with beautiful handmade paper for their guest book. We thrifted candle sticks lace tablecloths and her talented brother made the signs and beautiful wooden candle holders on the table. Every detail was perfect in every way.
Aubrey and Rob exchanged their vows in the middle of the forest where I don’t think a dry eye existed.
We ate an amazing dinner in a beautiful greenhouse with the most stunning views you’ve ever seen and danced the night away under a sky full of stars.
I’m pretty sure everyone cried as loved ones shared their own stories of how amazing these two souls are and just how wonderful and beautiful it is that they found each other.
Rob’s incredible Icelandic family sang songs to the newlyweds and even brought along song sheets so everyone could join in. The entire night was filled with so much love, laughter, and dancing that my face and feet still hurt 😉
Robrey, you guys are my favorite. Your day was beyond amazing and I can’t imagine anything more perfect for two people who couldn’t be more perfect for each other. I love you both more than words can say. I wish you both all the happiness in the whole world <3
Location: Wolcott, VT
Dress: Custom by the Bride
Flowers: the amazing Inkwell Flowers of course



Skincare by Val ~

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to photograph Valerie of Skincare by Val in Dover.
I met Val through Cyndi when she did the makeup for Cyndi and her bridesmaids. She did SUCH an amazing job and she is just the sweetest person. She was so thoughtful and professional while remaining a calming presence throughout the entire – usually stressful – getting ready process :]
I absolutely adored working with her, and I truly wish I had known her in 2008 when I tied the knot – I would have LOVED having Val there on my weeding day. And um, how fabulous would it be to take your bridesmaids for a calming facial before the big day (hint hint future brides)?!

When Abbie and I photographed Val (she works out of Timeless Salon and Spa), she did a facial (which I’m not going to lie, looked like the most relaxing and wonderful thing in existence!) and also two different makeup applications.
It was great getting to watch Val work and document the process for her. If after looking at these photos you start daydreaming of a facial (or another type of beauty service – just look at all she has to offer!), not to worry, you can book an appointment with Val here. You can also check out her Facebook page here.

Val helps with all kinds of skincare needs – from facials and waxing to makeup application and products – she’s got you covered!

Also, if you are currently unemployed and want Val to do your makeup for a job interview, she will do so completely complimentary. Seriously, we need more people like this!

Val, you are wonderful! Keep up the amazing work… you are making people feel SO beautiful and you deserve a gold medal for that. Also, I’m coming to see you soon for MY facial! ;]



























Well, 2012 wasn’t my year for blogging… but what’s new? ;]

As I look back over the past twelve months I am extremely overwhelmed – mostly with extreme gratitude.
2012 brought a lot of new changes… and a lot of things have stayed the same…
I am still working full time while juggling a growing photography business.
I am so excited to think that one day I will be able to devote 100% of my day to my business. This past year has been another year of growth and promise and I’m happy to think that I am one year closer to doing photography full time.

Thank you to my AMAZING friends and family… but especially to my wonderful clients.
I couldn’t even think of following this dream without you… Your patience and understanding are invaluable… and your trust in me is amazing.
As I was looking through my sessions from this year, I was so overwhelmed with thankfulness for the amazing clients I have had the experience of knowing and working for. I look through your photos and I am reminded of memories and relationships – it really does feel like looking through photos of dear friends.
I guess in a way, that’s exactly what it IS.
You have made it possible for me to follow my dream and I am so grateful that I am the one who has gotten to preserve these precious memories for you.

My hope is that years from now, when you or your children or your grandchildren look at these photos of you – they also will be overwhelmed with gratefulness. Gratefulness that there was such an abudence of love – and also that it was important enough to be documented. This gift will live on forever and we will never know what kind of impact it will have.

So thank you again. I wish you all the happiest of New Years and I hope that 2013 brings even more love, laughter, and great memories to you and your loved ones.
I hope that this year will be filled with even more photo sessions… more love, more weddings, more babies, and more family… This life we’ve been given is such a gift.
Let’s document more of the love in our lives so that we can stop time for just a moment…. and we can be thankful.

And now – some of my favorites from the year….





And last but not least, we experienced some pretty amazing weddings in 2012!


Of course, individual blog posts of all these amazing sessions will be coming… some day ;]

Until then, continue keeping up with me by visiting my Facebook Page.

Exciting things are coming… I am already in the process of putting together a plan for another day of mini sessions this winter… I am a firm believer that there should be more photos of families playing in the snow together!
If you are interested in recieving more information about these mini sessions, please email me at or leave a comment on my Facebook page.

Lots of love to everyone… and a very happy 2013, too!

The happiest Christmas {2012}

I really do want to be better about posting my personal photos on this blog. It’s so easy to get caught up with client images and deadlines and this or that, etc. but when I think about all of the reasons I got into photography, I think about Christmas.

Let me explain.

In 2001, I was twelve years old. It was this Christmas that I asked for my first 35 mm SLR camera – A Minolta Maxxum 5. I loved that camera with all of my heart. I remember how excited I felt when I opened it up… I put that first roll of film in and the rest is history (as they say). I can honestly say that this is one of the biggest and earliest events in my life that absolutely shaped the way I saw things. From that Christmas on, I preferred looking at things through the viewfinder of my camera. Capturing something on film was empowering to me – I could turn something ugly in to a beautiful piece of art work (“beautiful” of course being up for debate). I could freeze time. Forever. I really do believe that even at such a young age, I “got it”. This is what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life.

This Christmas, I opened up a beautiful 50 mm 1.2 portrait lens from my generous sister and sweet husband. My heart immediately remembered that Christmas half my lifetime ago… Who would’ve thought I’d be here? I certainly didn’t… but boy, am I thankful.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. It’s a time of family and love and hope and wonder… and I always get so excited about capturing those things so that I can re-live them year after year. Ever since my brother and sister have had children, I have viewed Christmas even differently than before. Christmas has become somehow even more exciting and magical and I look so forward to seeing the huge smiles on those tiny faces that I love more than life itself.







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The best birthday ever ~

This post is so overdue (not that any of these posts aren’t overdue!) but I really have been searching for the proper words to use to describe my 2012 birthday weekend. To sum it up in one: amazing. Absolutely amazing.
John surprised me by flying my best friend in the entire world, Aubrey, up to NH for an extra-long weekend. At this point in time, Aubrey and I hadn’t seen each other in nearly a year… and it had been nearly four years since we had lived in the same state (much MUCH too long). John could not have given me a better birthday present. Aubrey and spent those handful of days doing what we do best: talking. We stayed up until the early morning talking about life, love, and other mysteries (haha. extra points to you if you got that Point of Grace reference). We slept in late and then went on adventures around my little town. We held hands and went shopping. We went to the beach and closed our eyes and drank in the salt air. We plotted. We planned.
John took us in to the big city on my actual birthday to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and do some shopping at my all-time favorite place: Anthro. It was an amazing birthday.
I am so thankful to my sweet husband for loving me enough to do something this special to me to help celebrate my twenty-four years on this earth. I’m also super thankful to my BFF, Aubrey, for being so willing and flexible in this plan that very easily could have been nothing more than a “great idea”. You guys made it happen, and I am forever grateful. There are so few things in life that your best friend can’t help you fix… I feel that way especially about Aubrey. She is everything I want to be. She is strong when I’m not, she is determined when I’m discouraged, she is hopeful when I’m feeling hopeless and most importantly – she never lets me give up. She knows my heart and what I want to do with my life and she is so quick to remind me of those things… Even when I have lost sight of them.

I pray every day that I can be as good a friend to her as she is to me. I hope that everyone everywhere gets to experience a friendship like mine and Aubrey’s at some point in their life. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without her.

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


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