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It’s that time again!!!!


Mini Sessions are some of my favorites! It’s a fairly quick, painless (haha), and affordable option to get some quality family photos that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

You can see some of the photos from our fall mini sessions here.

Email me to book your spot – spaces are filling up fast!

The Tolley Family ~

One of my favorite families is back! Matt, Rachel, Anna, and introducing…. Lydia!
Well, technically Lydia will be gracing us with her undoubtedly adorable presence next month… But I am super excited and can’t wait to meet the newest baby Tolley :]

Rachel and I had been planning this maternity shoot for forever but kept having to reschedule because it would NOT stop snowing! I seriously think it was 3 or 4 times (if not more!) that we scheduled and rescheduled. Oh boy.
That’s New England for you… Is everyone else as ready for summer as I am? ;]
Needless to say, we finally made it happen. And it was wonderful.

We met up in downtown Dover and walked around a bit… It was sunny and a little chilly but we all had a great time.
Rachel is one of those people that just pulls pregnancy off beautifully. She is so adorable and always looks so cute. I know she’s probably the most ready to meet Lydia…. but Rach, I promise – you look AMAZING.

Anna, as always – was a delight and a half. This kid cracks me up. She is so full of personality and has the sweetest manners I’ve ever seen. I’m sure she is going to be such an amazing big sister.

Oh, and we knew it was our lucky day when we made it to Harvey’s right at closing time and they sold us some Petit Fours anyway ;]

Tolley family, thank you again for allowing me to capture your precious family. I can’t wait until Miss Lydia is here and we can take some updated family shots… Maybe it will be warmer then, too ;]





























Abbie – 6 months!

My beautiful sister has now been pregnant for six whole months.
I can’t believe my new niece will be here this spring… hurry up, spring!!!

We took a few photos this afternoon to document… enjoy =]




by tomorrow (fingers crossed) ~ I will be an aunt (again)!

Say a prayer for my lovely sister, Tracey… More photos of James to come (obviously)!


~ Shayla’s Maternity Shoot ~

Shayla’s family goes to church with me and they might – just possibly – be one of the sweetest families you will ever meet.

Shayla’s husband is in the military and has been away for almost her entire pregnancy! I certainly can’t imagine what that must be like (for both of them!)
but Shayla especially gets props from me for being such a strong, courageous, patient person.
A big thank you to her sweet husband for serving our country and helping to make this country the amazing place to live that it is.

Little Kadence is FOUR days past her due date today. I know her mommy sure is ready for her to be out of her tummy and in to her arms!
Stay tuned for the beautiful newborn shoot that I know is to come :]

Congratulations, Randy, Shayla, and (hurry up and get here for your birthday) Kadence <3

We started off at the beach:

but it was pretty freezing so we headed to Prescott Park in Portsmouth to finish up :]

Shayla wore the best colors! Don’t they just scream “GIRL”! <3 <3 <3

Love this baby belly ~ one of my favorite images:

texture… mmmm.

Shayla… those eyes… you.are.GORGEOUS.

Another one by the water….

Can you tell I liked the contrast of the grass for this shoot?? ;]

Shayla’s mom and sister came along for the shoot… So sweet… all three (oops – I mean four!) of them: